What do you do?

Recently, my province, British Columbia, has been on fire. It is crazy crazy smoky out there, and as a result my head has been hurting.

As I gave up trying to write today, I sat back and wondered. Is it just another excuse not to write? Whether excuses are legitimate or not, they are still excuses.

But how do you battle that? How do you walk the line between knowing when you should stop, or when you should stop making excuses and just sit down and work through it?

But today I am going to work through it. I doubt I’ll get much done, but it’s mind over matter, and I will write my words, and you can to. Just sit down and do it. Read a bit of what you wrote yesterday or last week, and put down the next sentence. Or a thought that will work itself into a storyline. Just write the next sentence, and you’re one sentence closer to being done, to having a story to be proud of.

However, if you are needing to take a break from your manuscript, and are looking for some writing resources,  I wholeheartedly recommend anything on this blog. Go take a peek 🙂

Go forth and write!

Rachel Shirley ❤

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